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In the central southern part of Montana lies the small town of Columbus, population of 1,800. Columbus began as a stagecoach station on the Yellowstone Trail in the late 19th century. Today Columbus is the county seat of Stillwater County. Just an hour from Billings residence here have access to the University of Montana and if needed, abundant shopping, restaurants and other big city amenities.

There is ample room for growth in Columbus which along with residential properties offers hunting, fishing and recreational and commercial properties. In order to find just what you are looking for in Columbus Montana real estate there are a few things to keep in mind that will make the real estate purchase process more successful.

Firstly, find a REALTOR® that will assist you in finding the real estate you want. You want an agent who knows the Columbus Montana area in detail and has already previewed many of the homes and other property available for sale in the community. Community knowledge should be important to you because you are not just buying a house or land. You are buying a home, business or vacation property in a local neighborhood in a specific community.

Secondly, know what you want. Do some research so that you can talk to a REALTOR® in a knowledgeable way. The more you know the better you’ll be able to express your needs. Questions to answer include: Are we looking for a house/livestock property/commercial property? How much can you afford? How much room should we plan into the equation for growth? Is it important to be close to schools, libraries, stores? Do you want real estate property for your own use or as an investment? How long do you plan on holding onto the property? Answering these questions will act as a guide when looking for Columbus Montana real estate.

Lastly, prioritize. Unless you are building something from scratch you may never find the “perfect” real estate, but you can get extremely close. Never settle, however if you have to choose between a large yard and a large kitchen think about where you will spend more time, then go with your first choice. Being able to give something up in exchange for a greater “whole” will relieve stress and you will be more likely to make a purchase you will be happy with in the long run.

National Parks Realty serves only the northwest portion of Montana. For more information on northwest Montana real estate properties visit our main property listing page at National Parks Realty and give one of our agents a call toll free at 1-866-599-8160 so that they might assist you in your property search and purchase.

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